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Amendments in Schedule III of The Companies Act, 2013

A. Enhanced Disclosure for more oversight on Governance

1. Promoter shareholding

2. MSME disclosure on face of B/S

3. Registration and satisfaction of charges

4. More than 2 layers of subsidiaries

5. Compliance with Scheme of Arrangement

6. Working capital reconciliation: Statements filed with banks reconciled with Books of account

7. Revaluation –impact beyond 10%

8. Revaluation by Registered Valuer

B. Financial Discipline/ Solvency

1. Ratios

2. Ageing of Trade receivables (for IndAS –SICR and Credit impaired)

3. Ageing of Trade payables

4. CWIP Ageing

5. CWIP –time and cost overrun

6. Transactions not recorded in books; undisclosed income…

7. CSR spend

C. Money laundering: early signals

1. Dealing with Struck off companies

2. Benami transactions

3. Immovable property not held in company name

4. Willful Defaulter declaration

5. Loans given/ Loans received for transfer to other entities

6. End use of borrowed funds

7. Loans and Advances to Promoters/ Directors/ relatives

8. Dealings in Crypto currency/ crypto assets


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